Sunday 3 June 2012

Les Elles (Ielele)

I began working on a new collage project. This time I used old Elle magazines as a base. As a rule I set for myself, I decided i will show no more face features, only bodies. If the collages from the Avon Ladies series were on simple white backgrounds, this time I decided I will have some form of "setting" for my scenes. Elle magazines put such an emphasis on "ambiance" and lifestyle that I also wanted them to be part of my project.

Some of the collages in this post are works in progress.

I divided this project in two parts. The first part will feature les elles sprouting from plates and dishes, as edible women.

The second part, Les Géantelles will feature les elles in nature, or on a simple background. Some of the works in this series will also have mechanical and hand embroidery interventions.

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